300 Beaumont Highway

Lebanon, CT 06249

Phone:  860-423-0380




With much difficulty, we have decided it is time to downsize our herd.  Please feel free to inquire on any of the llamas listed In these pages.


Welcome to ME Llama Farm.  The farm is owned and operated by Edward and Margret Bender.   We are located in Eastern Connecticut in the rural town of Lebanon.


We have owned llamas since 1990 and have been showing them since 1995.  Margret spins llama fiber as well as knits and crochets.  She specializes in hats and lace weight scarves and shawls/stoles.  We have hand knit and crochet garments, skeins of yarn and raw fleece for sale.  Please feel free to call or email for availability.  We also have llamas for sale.  You can check our Llama Sale page to see what llamas are currently available.



Our farm’s breeding objectives are listed below:



· Overall soundness (correct conformation, general good health and reproductive fitness.


· Disposition (easy to handle and trainable)


· Wool (quality and quantity)



We always welcome visitors.  Twister had many beautiful babies for us and is sorely missed.  His offspring are an integral part of our herd.  WLK Katalyst did a great job for us as well.  His offspring have done very well in the showring.  All have beautiful fiber and gentle dispositions.  We now have The Nomad (Federale x Nomada) and Esseo (Silver Moon Tressor x Escari).  Their first crias are here and are beautiful.  They have the “look at me!” stance, standing straight and tall.  Very correct conformation and beautiful fiber also.



We would love to hear from you.  Please feel free to email us at or phone at 860-423-0380

Two crias sitting and watching the world go by